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Version 1.2

Please Note:

The Computational Biology Facility which hosts, supports, and develops the condatis program has migrated condatis onto its high performance cluster.
During the move we have taken the opportunity to implement the latest condatis release, version 1.2

For those that have used condatis before everything will seem familiar, but there are two significant changes.

Testing Data before submission of a condatis job.
Once a new job is submitted the user will be held at a holding page whilst our server performs some simple checks to ensure that the data is in the correct format. This may take a few minutes dependent on your data and the current demand on the server.
Once complete you will be presented with the results and it will ask you to confirm the submission.
Passing this initial test isn't a guarantee that your data will be error free but we hope it will catch the most frequent problems.

Categorised Habitat Files
You can now also present what we are calling categorised habitat tif files. Different types of habitats within your habitat file are denoted by distinct integers. (For example 1 could signify heathland, 2 forest and 3 marsh etc.)
When presented with your preview screen you will be asked to enter the habitat quality (between 0 and 1.0) for that particular habitat. This allows the user to use the same categorised habitat file for different species, a habitat category may be better for one species than another.
Once the habitat qualities have been assigned the data can be submitted in the usual way.
If you have provided more than one set of category habitat quality values then each set will be submitted as a separate job.

This is now the official condatis web app address, so please don't forget to update your bookmarks.

Many Thanks,
John Heap
Condatis Team,
Computational Biology Facility

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