About lcmsWorld

lcmsWorld is a high-performance tool for efficient 3d visualisation of LC-MS data.
You can use it to quickly load and view (large) .mzml and .raw files, for both proteomic and metabolomic experiments.
You can view the whole file at once, then smoothly zoom in to view any areas of interest in full detail, down to each individual data point.
An identification file can be loaded; these identifications can be overlaid onto the LC-MS data, filtered, and selected to zoom directly to the relevant raw data.
Multiple files can be viewed simultaneously, side-by-side, to make it easy to compare data sets.
By setting up the files on a webserver, datasets can be viewed remotely with lcmsWorld, without having to download the entire file.

The videos below give some idea of its capabilities or go to the download page for a little more information.

View Demo Video

lcmsWorld in action

lcmsWorld streaming data over internet connection

Download Files

Download LCMSworld Demo video (small - 15mb)
Download LCMSworld Demo video (large - 140mb)

Test of web streaming file
Download test_dictamnus.lcms


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